What is Apple Pay?

it is an instant contactless payment with a touch of your smartphone or Apple Watch. You put or register your payment cards details one time, and then only place your phone to the terminal one time for a few seconds to make a payment!

How to connect to Apple Pay?

  1. Order for free any Visa or Mastercard by ConcordBank, fill a following application and collect your card after our manager’s call;

  2. Register in the online-banking icON25 (to do that get the icON25 app from App Store, in the app register by putting in your Name, phone number and e-mail). Wait for call from our call-center and get password for online-banking

  3. From the menu of cards in icON25 press "Add to Apple Wallet" and choose iPhone or Apple Watch

  4. Agree to the terms and conditions. Done!

Devices that are supported:

  • Devices that are supported:
  • Concord Bank Apple Pay Support on iPhone SEiPhoneSE
  • Concord Bank Apple Pay Support on iPhone 6 and neweriPhone 6 and newer
  • Concord Bank Apple Pay Support on Apple WatchApple Watch

How else to set up Apple Pay?

How else to set up Apple Pay?
  1. In the app Wallet press "plus" in the top right corner;

  2. Scan your card through the cam or insert the card details manually;

  3. Agree to the terms and conditions;

  4. Complete the check with an SMS;

  5. Congrats! Your card is connected to Apple Pay.

How to set up Apple Watch?

  1. Open the app Apple Watch on iPhone and go to a tab "My watch".

  2. Press "Wallet and Apple Pay".

  3. In order connect a new card choose "Credit or debit card".

  4. When adding cards from other devices or recently deleted, you need to choose them and then put is security code (CVV2/CVC2) of the cards.

  5. Choose a check method of your card for Apple Pay (generally it is sms) and choose "Next".

  6. After getting the sms code insert it in the selected field, in case an autofill did not work, and press "Done".

  7. All Done! Now you are all set for using Apple Pay on your watch.

How to use Apple Pay?

  • Fine a contactless payment pyctogram on your phone or Apple Pay

    Fine a contactless payment pictogram on your phone or Apple Pay

  • Place iPhone to the terminal

    Place iPhone to the terminal

  • Confirm Touch ID

    Confirm Touch ID

  • Done!


Payment for iPhone X:

  • Press the side button twice

    Press the side button twice

  • Look at the screen

    Look at the screen

  • Place to the terminal

    Place to the terminal

  • Done!


Advantages of Apple Pay:

Pay instantly with your gadget, where you see a sticker (Wireless payment) or (Apple Pay)
Complete security
Cards’ details are not stored on your device and are not given to the merchant. Even in case of the loss of your iPhone or Apple Watch, your funds are secured. No one can use your device without a fingerprint, Face ID or password that you set up. Even if someone unnoticebly will place a terminal, the payment won’t work: payment with Apple Pay on iPhone needs to be confirmed by a fingerprint, Face ID and password, while on the Watch the payment needs to be activated by pressing the button twice and inserting the code
Works without internet
The payment does not need the internet
From nowon instead of carrying of a wallet with cash, many cards and constant input of pincodes in a phone app – only one touch of a smartphone to the terminal!