Concord bank was founded by two sisters Elena and Yulia Sosiedka. Its development began in 2012 and in a short six years 14 branches were opened - 4 in the Dnipro, 3 in Kiev, 2 in Odessa, in Lviv, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye,Novomoskovsk and Kharkov. The Bank was the first in Ukraine among small and medium-sized banks to receive the principal membership of Mastercard and Visa International

Since 2016, our own processing center, PROCARD, has made Concord completely independent in everything from issuing ultra-modern cards to terminals, from providing bonus systems to super-speeds in payments. And the Internet banking icON25 was the first to allow Ukrainians to pay the entire apartment utilities without any commissions.

As of the end of the 2018th year:

  1. the credit rating of the bank was raised to the level of such companies as Privat Bank and Ukrposhta - uaAA with a stable outlook;
  2. became Bank No. 1 for withdrawing currency from Payoneer cards (more than $ 1 million per month);
  3. The program of medical insurance for all employees was launched (this is UAH 158,000 monthly and UAH 1,996,000 annually);
  4. paid 20 million UAH taxes;
  5. the amount of assets increased to 1 billion UAH;
  6. 80% of bank employees pay a part of their salary every month to the priority projects of the DobroDiy Charity Exchange;
Our TOP management
  • Yuriy Zadoya

    Chairman of the board

  • Oleg Kiyznitsa

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • Mikhail Savchenko

    Depuity chairman of the board

  • Elena Bezuhla

    Depuity chairman of the board

  • Oksana Muntyan

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • Irina Bondarchuk

    Member of the Board

  • Viktor Tsykaliuk

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • Anna Ranska

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • Olena Poltavets

    Member of the Board

According to the NBU classification, the size of the assets of CONCORD Bank corresponds to Group II of banks. CONCORD Bank is a member of professional associations and communities - in Ukraine and in the world.
  • Participant of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals (certificate No. 184 dated January 18, 2007)
  • Principal member of the international payment system Visa International, the legal address of the company: 900 Metro Centre Boulevard, Foster City, State of California, United States of America 94404
  • Principal member of the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide, the legal address of the company: 1000 Purchase Street, Purchase, New York 10577, United States of America (US)
  • Member of the Organization of professional participants of the securities market "Ukrainian Stock Traders"
  • Member of the Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange (UICE)
  • Member of the First All-Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories
  • Member of the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine (NABU)
  • Member of the Association "Dnieper Banking Union"
  • The participant of the National payment system PROSTIR (National payment system "Ukrainian payment system"), legal address: street Institute, 9, metro Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
Bank rating

Rating object


Type of rating

Long-term credit rating of a borrower according to the National Rating Scale

Date of change

31 March 2020

Rating motion


Credit Rating Category


Credit rating level


Rating forecast


Issued by

National Rating Agency "Rurik"

Dynamics of the credit rating of CONCORD Bank

Dynamics of the credit rating of CONCORD Bank
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