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Why bank guarantee in ConcordBank

  • The ability to get a guarantee promptly.
  • No paper bureaucracy.
  • Simple and understandable low one-time fee (without any hidden fees).
  • ConcordBank credit rating – uaAA with a “positive" outlook.
  • Obligations of the bank to make payment in case of non-delivery by the principal of goods (non-fulfillment of work) for which advance payment was previously made.
  • Sending to another party of the warranty covenant an official message on the conduct of a particular operation (issue, change, cancellation, etc.).
  • Obligations of a bank to make a payment in case of failure by the principal to fulfill contractual obligations to pay for goods (services) received with deferred payment.

Questions and answers

What is a bank guarantee?

Bank guarantee — is a bank's obligation to pay a certain amount for its client in case of failure to fulfill obligations under the contract.

Is it necessary to provide the bank with the contracts under which it is issued to obtain a guarantee?
Yes, the provision of agreements and contracts is a mandatory condition.

What can be offered as an assurance?
As collateral, property (real estate, land, goods in circulation, etc.), the financial guarantee of legal entities and the financial guarantee of owners, the total share of corporate rights of which in the authorized capital of a client is at least 51%, are accepted.

Where to apply for a bank guarantee?
Complete an application form on this page or visit any branch of JSC “JSCB CONCORD".

There are questions, call
+38 (073) 443 0227 (Head of the Sales Department of the Regional Network Maksym Kovalenko)

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