• Private Banking

What you can pay for?

  • mobile communication
  • Internet
  • television
  • telephony (land-line phone)
  • public-service utilities (electricity, light, gas, heating supply, etc)
  • education (kindergarten, school, college, the higher educational institution)
  • insurance services
  • traffic infraction fines
  • distribution
  • taxes, payment into the budget
  • other services (you can pay for any services by entering the recipient's full details)

Why payments with CONCORDBANK?

  • Minimal bank fee.
  • Availability of service 24/7.
  • Payment creation time is 2 minutes.
  • The possibility to pay services anywhere: at home, at work or in transport.
  • You don't need to enter details.
  • The receipts are saved.


Banking in a messenger or a universal chat-bot platform in Telegram.

Platform possibilities

  • Creation and acceptance of payments with Smartphone in the messenger.
  • Integration with any partner (concerts, festivals, markets, shopping and leisure centers, restaurants, etc).
  • Acceptance of debts from recipients offline, as the platform is connected to billing.
  • Sending of Push-message with information about debts.
  • Generation of QR-code or invoice for payment of the specified amount.
  • Payment with Apple Pay and GooglePay.

Fuel bot.

It is a bot to buy fuel in messenger with discounts.


  • Discounts on fuel up to 2 UAH/liter.
  • The first bot in the country to buy fuel.
  • You don't have to stand in line to fill up your car.
  • You do not need to download additional programs, it is enough to have the installed Telegram messenger.
  • There is a possibility «to share» the QR-code.
  • Payment from a card of any bank.
  • Comfortable loyalty program.
  • Flexibility in integration - we take into account the wishes of partners.

How it works?

STEP 1. Authorization:

  1. Call the bot with “start" command;
  2. Enter a mobile phone number for authorization;
  3. Enter the received in SMS code.

STEP 2. The choice of fuel:

  1. Press the button “to buy a fuel" in menu;
  2. Choose the appropriate type and volume of fuel;
  3. Receive a purchase cost calculation;
  4. Go on to payment.

STEP 3. Payment of fuel:

  1. Go to the payment;
  2. Enter card details (of any bank);
  3. We confirm the payment with SMS code;
  4. payment is successful.

STEP 4. QR-code:

  1. Return in chat-bot after successful payment;
  2. Receive QR-code with information about purchased fuel;
  3. Go to a gas filling station, read your code at the cash register and fill in your car;)

You can use the bot at this link: https://t.me/ConcordFuelBot

Frequently-asked questions:

How to connect to the chat-bot platform?

To connect, please contact masspay@concord.ua.

Can the chat-bot platform work in the Viber messenger?

Yes, it can.

What channels can be used to pay for public-service utilities, Internet and mobile communication?

  • Mobile app;
  • WEB-version;
  • Department's cash desk.

What is the discount on fuel in the case of purchase through a telegram bot?

Fuel – 2 UAH/liter.

Gas – 0,50 UAH/liter.