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Why transfers with Welsend are just for you
  • Full unlimited on the number and amount of transfers - send and receive funds without restrictions.
  • Only 0.7% fee of the transfer amount.
  • Instant payment of the transfer - the recipient will receive the money immediately after sending.
  • A separate card with an individual number for participating in Welsend bonus programs and receiving additional discounts.
Three steps “How to make Welsend transaction?”
  • Visit the nearest branch of ConcordBank with a passport or other identification document.
  • Fill out the standard form “For sending money”, pay the transfer amount to the cashier and pay in full the cost of the transfer through Welsend.
  • Receive a receipt and money transfer control number, tell the code to the recipient.
How to get a Welsend transfer?
  • Visit the nearest branch of ConcordBank with a passport or other identification document, including Welsend client’s card.
  • Fill out the standard form “To receive money” and inform the bank employee of the money transfer control number.
  • Get money at the cash desk without any additional fees.
Tariffs for sending transfers by the Welsend system

Transfers in Ukraine



from 0,01 UAH

0,7% min 10 UAH


About Welsend system

Resolution of disputes between the participants and users of the Welsend system



In what currency can transfers be made in the Welsend system?

Transfers are possible in four currencies: UAH, USD, EUR and RUB.


How to pay even less fee for sending funds?

It is possible to reduce the fee for sending a transfer in UAH using a client’s card, which you receive after accumulating the corresponding amount of the transfers sent or in the case of sending a transfer by a significant amount. 


During what time the recipient can receive his transfer?

A transfer sent in Welsend system is available for payment within 30 calendar days from the date the transfer was sent.

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